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These resources will help you decide if an open relationship is something that you desire for your life or not! In the Video series and the PDF I will cover:

  • What is and is not an open relationship?

  • Why have an open relationship?

  • Is an Open Relationship right for you?

  • What, When, Where and How do you talk about an open relationship with your partner?


Gayle Lynn

I am a relationship coach focusing on: “What do you do when your partner wants to have sex with another person?” or maybe You want to have sex with someone else!

I have a passion to empower clients to make educated choices about their relationships. I have personally experienced my spouse coming to me and expressing his desire to have sex with someone else.

So many people will go out and cheat on their partner when there is a better way to handle the situation. Creating open and honest communication is key in these situations. Big feelings come up and many people don’t know how to process them. Having someone who has no agenda and creates a space where there will be no shame or guilt is what I desire for my clients experience.

Through my experience I learned how messy relationships can be when someone is expressing their sexual desires.

I help to navigate family and cultural beliefs, communication pitfalls, processing emotions and more. My desire is that my clients will be able to evolve their relationships into what they desire and achieve inner peace. For some this may be creating more intimacy in the marriage, opening the marriage and for some it may be a divorce. Whichever decision is made I can guide you through it without judgment or an agenda.

I am trained in the Chopra method of coaching and use my C.A.R.E method to facilitate my coaching style

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